vrijdag 8 juli 2011

Being jealous sucks

So green my friendly paw
Clouds passing by but all I can see is in front of me

Being short sighted is not my only flaw.
Inside my shell is all I can be.

To survive, pro create and be sure to be zealous
But no matter your ego, stop being jealous.

concreation, our nature in degradation
to search, to find my and our salvation

donderdag 23 juni 2011

Why poetry in the first place?

What’s so special about a text on a paper, which occasionally rhymes, depending on my mood?
Well, I think poetry is different for anyone. Just like a song that can affect your mind during a whole day, if the text has a nice flow it will stick in your head.
And every once in a while I make up a beautiful text in which you can find that story flowing on your brainwaves.
But also a lot of times, for me, it is more about trying to explain my thoughts to the public and find the slightest possible recognition in the comments provided by my readers.
In some way poetry effects our minds like the way classical music does, some people listen to it, but do not hear anything. They can not see an image that can relate to the themes of the music, but that’s not always nessecary.
For everyone out there that does not understand:
It’s not about being smart enough to think three steps ahead in chess.
It’s not about the glassier that’s able to put a glass in a window frame without breaking it.
And lastly its not about that semi-smart remark trying to explain poetry to the true noob.
It is about what you want it to be.

Three themed
When I can get hope
Why do I not just take it.
Why do I choose differently
I’d so much wish to give my life to someone
Take away responsability
Take away my fears

woensdag 22 juni 2011

My first

In these couple of months
I’ll try and be consistent
And post some text every once in a while
I hope you enjoy
Greetz turtle

My first
For every little thing
there will be a first
whether that is good or bad.
Outcome can be happy, can be sad.
But no matter how we cope,
we all rely on hope
White or black
you will get set back
or pushed forward
by the ones who really care.
Although it might seem hard
it’s where you stand still and stare.
Your first friend
you’d always defend.
First time someone died
for some forever their guide.
We all have our own ways.
All have our days.
Although for some you will get taught.
I hope this will be food for your thought
My first.